I did “Various Styles” meme again.
(Previous one was Ahri)

I did “Various Styles” meme again.

(Previous one was Ahri)

atlantean syndra !

FF and Chrome was like a utopia to me when I used it for the first time..


its okay. I am not graceful eater too. Somehow I always get food around my mouth no matter what I eat. Also my whole room once smelled like coffee.

please don’t tell me you got a pail of coffee to wash your room

Just kidding.

There was a used coffee bag on my table and I was too lazy to pick it up and put it in the bin. Smell of coffee kept my company during night computer time.

위는 어제 그린거.. 아래는 오늘그린거에요. 위는 채색연습. 아래는 그냥.. 좀 채도낮게 그려봤어요ㅋㅋ 채도를 높이기만 해도 분위기가 달라지는 마법이..!ㅋㅋ

이빨 교정때문에 발치했습니다. 빼는건 안아픈데 콜라먹어도 되나 조마조마해 마음이 아픕니다(?)



playing soul calibur 5 online as shrekimitsu is an experience


i had one guy yell at me down the mic “no, fuck off, im not fucking fighting shrek, this is a serious game” and he d/ced


under the cut because it contains pictures!

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Hello guys, bit late to say this but I stopped playing league from few weeks ago. Various reasons. I don’t know when I will start playing it again. However I will still draw league stuff.

I just found that some people aren’t very fond of people drawing fan arts when they don’t even play the original. If you are not fond of me anymore, that’s ok. No hard feelings…